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downloading games with my pipe and slippers


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At 43 I fondly remember games coming on large floppy discs and cartridges.

This week I'm about to upgrade my virgin contract to their amazing sounding Gig1...That's the potential of downloading upto near 1gig a second.

It's got to the stage where even the largest game can be downloaded within the same time it takes for me to make a cup of tea, nip to the loo and get back to gaming again.

I just wanted to share how that completely blows my mind. Almost feel for my kids that they'll never truly appreciate how amazing that is.

My sharing thought for the day.

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Hey Wombat, yeah I was stuck on dial up for ages... until ISDN was available (128k I believe it was).  ISDN was enough to host a 4v4 with GR, but struggled with a 5v5.

I've added TP-Link Deco M4 Wireless Mesh in preperation and that alone has made download speeds around the house increase by alot.  I think the three units around the house is allowing for less traffic to burden the one receiver.  Much better performance than via the old trusty homeplugs.

I shall post up some speed.net tests once it's up and running properly. 

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