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PZ's Mod Thread.


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This is my new modding thread where I'll keep everyone up to date with what I'm up to. Right now I know there are 4 mods I really want to make. I would need an insane amount of time or a lot of help making them but None the less, I'll push in that general direction for all of them. No promises but here's what I have in mind....


Ghost Recon 2021 Edition: Basically a full update to as many original game files as possible. Clean up the UI etc. Replace or Reskin as much as possible. Basically re-polish the game until it looks, sounds, and feels close to being remastered. 

Afghanistan Expansion Pack: A full expansion pack based around Afghanistan and operation enduring freedom. Loosely based on real life events and locations but adapted for A Ghost campaign. 

M4 Sopmod v2: No reason not to update the old mod since a m4 model would have to be in the works with the other 2. This version would definitely need Blocks I, II, and III.

AK Variant Mod: as the name implies. GR needs more Kalashnikov love. 


I'll be chaotically focusing on all this but can't say when if any of it might be finished, if ever. I'll be posting rough progress shots and videos here as I work through this massive undertaking.


As of late I have been working on Afghanistan level assets. I'm really starting to get the feel for it and seeing how this could all come about fairly quickly. I'll be doing iterations of different designs and workflows until I find something I really like. Here is just a few shots taken out of Blender using Eevee. A couple post processing effects added for fun. This will eventually become a level based around a conex Yard. I want to see how far I can push GR in a few different ways and this level will be where that happens.


Video Update 01/17/2021: Here





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Not much modeling as of late. Getting the sounds all straightened out, played with some kit ideas, worked on the UI a bit and started messing around with retexturing things for the 2021 mod.




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Still at it. Tweaked the enviroment file. Trying a few different ways of repainting the terrain colors. Think if I slowed down and  took my time on it this could end up really killer. Also swapped the grass textures with my own from a model I made in blender. Also swapped the small grass model.  Had enough of that for today. I'll keep at it another day. 


Attempt 1









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This won't be going into game I just wanted to speed run with some of the assets I've made for mods. A lot of it was built as well.  Around 11 hours of time put into this. Barely a corner of a map. Imagine a few more highly motivated people working together though.



Screenshot 2022-04-02 102737.jpg

Screenshot 2022-04-02 102814.jpg

Screenshot 2022-04-02 102904.jpg

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