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Hello everyone ,

One of the members in our discord server is facing some problems in starting the game. He even reinstalled so many times , also renamed dbghelp.dll to dbghelp_old.dll for steam version and also installed crack version and tried nothing worked for him .He is also unable to open ike.log file it is saying could not open file options.xml for reading using default. He even tried launching compatibility mode using admin. He says He dont get any error message the icon on the bottom comes up and then it quits . He really tried very hard to install the game but nothing worked for him. If anyone knows the solution please help him .

Discord server - https://discord.gg/kd2aRzp

Pc specs - i5 8th gen , 8 gb ram



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Long shot, but a trick that worked for others, move a copy of the file 'options.xml' from a working copy of GR to the root directory of the non-functioning copy. This sounds like an error due to forced resolution being too small by default when first running & creating that file. Stretch, but other than time spent, does no harm to try.

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This might have more to do with the graphics card drivers then the windows version. 

Most recent drivers don't really work well anymore with DirectX 8 which is the version GR requires. So you'll need something that exposes DirectX 8 functions while still working with your graphics card.

I just created a topic on running GR on Windows 10 with great graphics and audio. You might want to check it out:


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