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Community Modding Project


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The Community Modding Project is an upcoming asset pack which includes 3d models and textures. Categories will include weapons, vehicles, characters, and various level assets. Items in this pack will not be restricted to any one location or time however they will depict realistic real world settings and objects. The purpose of the community project is to aid modders in the future by giving them full access to content that they can fully utilize. Files will be stored in multiple formats which may include game ready formats. Individuals are free to use, modify, or make derivatives of the content for non commercial purposes. Credit must be given to the original content creators. Guidelines for the usage, accreditation, and contributors can be found in the main directory of the asset pack.

Download Location:  TBA



Anyone is welcome to participate in the Community Modding Project by submitting content you create. Assets may be critiqued and curated before they are added to the package. Please keep in mind this is to present a professional and uniform look to the asset pack itself. Keep Ghost Recon's engine in mind while creating assets. You can submit items by posting a file link in this thread or by sending me a private message.


Guidelines when submitting an object to the package:

-Create proper low poly models with UV maps.

-UV maps should make good use of texture space.

-Models must be textured.

-Modular systems should snap to no less then 1/10 (.10m) of a meter.

-Textures must be a minimum of 1024pixels on the longest side.

-Textures length and height must be a power of 2. 

-Scale objects according to their real life counter parts.

-Submit your 3d models in .blend, .fbx, .obj, or .max (3dsm5) format.

-Submit textures in any common format such as .jpg, .png, .tga, or .psd.

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