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Thanks wombat for the mod added to our list .

For now We will be doing some PvP or TvT . Looking for some good PvP or TvT Gametypes .

Recently Tried assassination gametype which are really amazing . There are of 3 types 1st one is assasination of general this one is really amazing , 2nd You need to capture enemy base it is like similar to siege one , 3rd one is warzone similar to domination one .

Another thing We also tried Timebomb gametype which is similar to CSGO thing but crashes regularly .

Mission hx by one of the best modder Hantrox TvsT is like 1 team does missions another team has to stop them doing their missions Really creative one .

We also tried Catch the flag gametype which is pretty interesting .

At present we are using grpaReloaded mod for some small-medium maps .

For Realism we use bh clean mods . 

Wanted to try as many mods as possible but most of download links are not working .

There is option in server for random respawn but it is messing the gametypes Suppose they are spawning too far away from base .Looking for some mods which create random respawn ,some interesting gametypes , Some small-medium maps and Anything that makes PvP or TvT much more interesting . Ready to try as many mods Prefer more if it is server sided things .

Long Live OGR

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Just want to tell you guys . From last 2 months we have been doing PvP regularly. From last few days we are not playing everyday.We are doing weekends for now .

This week we did some coop . We finished 10 missions of 12 weeks mod by right hand still 5 more to go. Very good mod to try . We wanted to finish this mod before but it crashed frequently .Thanks wombat for fixing those crashes.

I tried many games like arma , escape from tarkov, ground branch etc But there is nothing like GR and there can never be.

The mods this community made are creative and mind blowing. I am Ready to help someone if anyone making some good mods .

Any good mod suggestion wombat? Let us know

Hope we get more people who likes to play coop more often . We play in between gmt 2-7 pm .All are Welcome  Discord server - https://discord.gg/A4SnquW

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