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Original Music?


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Nobody seems to post in here anymore, so I guess I will.  I'm a musician, and occasionally post my stuff on the 'net.  This is a track I did, based on a short story.  The drums are NI modern drums, played by me on a midi kit.  The other instruments are all real instruments, also played by me.  Recorded and mixed in Presonus Studio one.  Can't recall what plugins I used.  Probably some Slate Digital stuff, given the way the kick drum thumps.  I know there's too much low end.  I was on a huge low end kick (no pun intended) at that time.

Life Begins

If you feel like doing so, then leave comments.  If not, then that's cool too.

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I am not a judge of music, but I listened all the way through.  Then I went searching for more things that you may have posted there.  That says a lot right there.  :rofl: 

Is Warm Sand Blue Horizon your work, as well?

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Yep!  Any collaborations I’ve done have probably fallen off my page by now since my pro membership is expired, so all the stuff on my page is me, unless you hear rapping.  In that case, I typically produced and attempted to mix it, but I can only do so much when there are pots and pans rattling behind someone’s vocal track.

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