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Adding extra Teams

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  Hello Everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              My GOAL: To add extra Team to the Squad                                                                                                                 

                      By altering Coop avatar.toe files(C>Program Files(x86)>Red Storm Entertainment >Ghost Recon >Data>Temp>Coop avatar) I am able to change the guns , actors in the platoon in the coop Multiplayer .but I want to add extra Team (D)Delta apart from Alpha ,Bravo ,Charlie Teams But I am not able to add I guess I am doing something wrong .   Before I and My friend  used to play Ghost recon multiplayer coop (which he would host )with Alpha, Bravo ,Charlie, Delta Teams  .Mods we used were DS,IT,HX5 I guess .He used some scripting in coop_avatar.toe files for extra Team Delta like this   My Friend coop_avatar.toe Please take a brief look .He sent me this file Which used to work for me in my server(LAN) by keeping coop_avatar file ready only. Now my friend is not in contact to ask  . Now I want to change a coop_avatar script to add extra Team for mods DS,IT,SKYPEGHOST,DA49 .Which I tried take a look at this coop_avatar I tried.toe ( I used  actors , Guns Only in the listed mods) .This coop_avatar file works fine when I removed the extra Delta Team Script and owner line script Which is coop_avatar after removing Delta team and changing owner lines.toe . So there is a scripting problem in the delta team and owner lines Which I tried really hard but unable to find the soluton .I dont want to use my friend script anymore .I want to find exact solution for this scripting . Sorry I am troubling you guys too much .But trust me this is the wonderful way to play GR  . Please help me in the script for extra Team .







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Thank you die7 for caring here are the files .My Friend coop_avatar (1).toe , coop_avatar after removing Delta team and changing owner lines.toe  , coop_avatar I tried (1).toe . Thank you Wombat for giving me the solution .

In coop_avatar I tried.toe
Line 21 syntax error:
"aressd_5.kit.kit"  Change to "aressd_5.kit"
Change this first and test it to see if it works. It will not work with this syntax error

Line 21 and 22 syntax error:
"aressd_5.kit"/> Owner = "0" PlatoonLeader = "1"/>
"aressocom_6.kit"/> Owner = "1"/>
Remove /> between kit and owner
"aressd_5.kit" Owner = "0" PlatoonLeader = "1"/>
"aressocom_6.kit" Owner = "1"/>

Line 6 syntax error:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Add/>                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "sniper-sa198.kit" to "sniper-sa198.kit"/>

Change and test


May or may not cause trouble
There are two Igorids with numbers 3 and 4 used twice.
Maybe change these ids in Team Delta to 10 and 11?

The same for ScriptId = "0"
It is used 5 times in the file. In team Delta change 0 to 10, 11, 12, 13?

Make sure the kits are spelled correctly and are available in the mods you are using.


The final avatar here it is coop_avatar.toe keep it file readyonly and try it . It add more realism , Strategy and much more. you can play with both AI backup + Respawns . It is worth the try trust me .

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