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The download section is currently unavailable due to an ongoing security incident. Rocky is working tirelessly to get the download section up and running as soon as possible.
In the interim please place a request here for a mod to download and I will attempt to seek it out and upload it to my google drive for you

I have all Ghost Recon Mods (including GRAW/GRAW2) up til 2015 on an external drive. Any later mods I will attempt to contact mod authors as they may still be active in the community. 

I will edit this post continually with frequently requested mods.


1. Ghost Recon: Heroes Unleashed - By ApexMods



2. DeCENT by Jack Wachter



3. Richard's FPWV Mod



Google Drive(Passworded)




Jack57 Mods



Ghost Recon & Island Thunder Xbox Conversion by C419


Ghost Recon HD Sounds Standalone by C419

Dangerous Babes by Monolith & Bajabravo



Gangland by Monolith



P2: A Cold Day In Hell



Operation: Stabilise


Many thanks


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There are some other sites which might help in downloading OGR mods just for now.






But I personally want Brother in arms mod and 5th element mod .If possible all jack57 mods please. I guess I asked more hehe😅



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Hey @Zeealex, was hoping to get a dedicated server up and running.  I haven't been able to get Battalion Command Utils to work (might have to try an older version of windows), but I'm curious if there are any other tools you've got stashed away that can help me out.  


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I myself made a mini download sections with the mods I got to post it public. Well I Didn't post public because I thought Gr.net may not get donations . I gave the link to just some close friends . In case download section goes down again It might help someone . link - https://mega.nz/folder/sfxkVSTC#K7-nnZYyCeFVy_z8Js9EGA/folder/AGQlWILS

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