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Saving Pilot Ryan Reprise Campaign


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Saving Pilot Ryan Reprise Campaign Link

A big thank you to Jack57 for letting me feature his Saving Pilot Ryan Campaign in my mod.

SPR Reprise is a version of Jack57's campaign named Saving Pilot Ryan which he made in 2004.
It is set in Colombia, South America and is a seven mission campaign against drug cartels.
-Missions are locked and can be played from the campaign menu.
-The first six missions have an unlockable specialist.

 Desert Siege and Island Thunder patched to version 1.4.

-Unzip the downloaded archive and place the SPR Reprise folder in your Mod Folder.
-Activate with a higher priority than Desert Siege and Island Thunder.
-Using other mods with SPR Reprise may or may not interfere or cause conflicts.

-All but M05 Embassy have been textured as winter maps.
 This includes M07 River, 2 versions of M11 POW Camp,  M04 Village,  M01 Caves and  M13 Airbase
-Changed skyboxes
-The Ghosts have been retextured with Multicam.
-Changed camo pattern for the specialists in the campaign.
-Changed the OPFOR characters to match the winter environment.
-There is a choice for Female Voice. Either censored or with expletives. Delete the F_Voice_1 folder and then unzip the archive in the sound folder that you prefer. Initially it is with expletives.
-Changed several Male Voice responses.
-Changed some ambient sounds
-Stock weapons in some cases have been altered with different sounds, minor zoom increase and other minor attributes adjustments.
-Changed the images in the map_shot files.
-Changed Main Menu and Shell Background images

-This is best played in singleplayer but may work in co-op as well. At this point I have not tested it online.

-Jack57                                        Author of the Saving Pilot Ryan campaign
-GR.net & Forum members       For being supportive, offering ideas and advice
-ApexMods                                  Quick Browsing Mod
-Frostbite                                     rs_winter_garm_m11_body_FB.rsb character texture
-P2                                                CommandoCrazy's Jodit Haile winter character
-Jack Wachter                            Weapon sounds: SA80, Bizon, RPK74, MP5, MG3, AKS74U, Groza, M60, FN FAL, MP5SD, M4 Sopmod and SR25SD.
                                                      Above sounds mixed by Jack and make use of some kick sounds that were sent to him or from real weapons sound pack from the mods section.
                                                      Suppressed sounds make use of modified unsuppressed version, kick sound, and suppressed sounds from a couple mods including CENTCOM.
-Phlookian                                   Placeable Objects.

-action1, GR_Main_Theme      From the video game The Division
-action3, load3              From the video game GR Wildlands                   

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very nice mod, main menu is a really cool, one of the best I saw, also music , just perfect..winter maps, skyboxes ..big respect

Scripting..oOooO yeaaahh Jack57 grand master at work ...very hard missions with a lot of high level scripting, nice story...THANK YOU Jack57 and especially you mr.Wombat50

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I had a message that after clearing the tent camp in J02, campaign mission on Caves, they had a CTD. I had one crash testing this before I released the mod.
Since getting the report, I have tried replicating the CTD but no luck so far. If you have a crash in this mission please report it and say what was going on at the time of the crash. Any clues from the ike.log relating to it would be helpful. For me the ike didn't write errors for it.

die7 also reported some other errors reported in his ike.log. These don't cause crashes but need correcting. Some male voice entries are throwing errors and I think it is because they differ in length from the files I'm replacing. They are team voice responses when directing AI teammates on the command map. I don't recall the length mattering with weapon or ambient sounds but it does seem to make a difference in this instance. He also reported two missing animations for some of Phlookian's placeable objects I am using which I have corrected.
Probably no patch necessary until the CTD can be fixed on J02.

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I was finally able to test SPR Reprise with friends online.
Mission J02 and J03 have hidden actors that appear as black shadows. They are not tagged as invincible while hidden so if they are shot it crashes the server. We have not tried missions J04-07 yet.

I think it would take me a great deal of time to fix the issue so I suggest it be played in SP as a campaign only.
I think this is what Jack57 intended.

Occasionally J02 will crash in SP. If I get it working properly I'll upload the updated .mis file here. The rest of the missions never gave me any trouble in SP.

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4 hours ago, Rocky said:

I was thinking about Jack57's missions only yesterday - fantastic missions.

Agreed, anything by Jack is well done. Reading the thread about Saving Pilot Ryan he meant for it to be played as a SP campaign.
I was hoping it would play online but that would involve a lot of scripting to make many actors invincible and then teleporting them to their locations when needed.
More than I want to do.

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