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Pictures disappeared while transferring from Phone Storage to SD Storage

Cpl Ledanek

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Anyone ever experienced this on an Android Phone=Samsung Galaxy S7:
While moving pictures from Phone's Internal Camera Storage to SD Card storage, ALL the pictures disappeared.
I'm racing to find a FREE recovery tool to do a deep scan to find the pictures.
PM me if you know one.
UPDATE: fixed
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11 hours ago, ApexMods said:

What was the problem, and how did you fix it?

I think the phone just didn't recognized it.  We had over 800+ pictures and videos, it took a while to probably "build" a cache of "thumbnails."


Zee called it correctly.


Glad that is solved.  Unfortunately, there were some documents, downloads, and notes that we won't find out if recoverable by the technician. Time to find a replacement smartphone that automatically backs up every chance possible and upload to the Clouds.  Maybe, time to get a Google Pixel since the reviews rave about the camera and Google pretty much "appropriates" everything nowadays.  Looking at Google Pixel 4a.  Simple enough.  Until then, my wife has my S9 so don't n00ds or LOLCAT pics there.


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