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Upcoming Winter Retextured Mod featuring a well known campaign


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I have a good start on winterizing several maps from Origmiss. I have received permission to use a topnotch campaign from "a blast from the past".
I only wrote him today and he replied back promptly much to my surprise.








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@wombat50 excellent work, looks really amazing ..was not aware that we have such nice skybox's...btw.  you are probably aware of http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=246 and http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php?act=view&id=952 maybe there you can find something or it can save you time

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Am working on a mission on the POW map, and can't figure out how to 'hide' the small grass - have looked at the alpha channels in all the map's images (like  M11_grass_hirez2.rsb), can't find anything relevant; added bright colours to the textures so I could spot exactly where they are applied, still nothing.

Can't see any grass growing through your snow, how did you do it?



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Testing and tweaking.

I will probably get my friends to help me test on our Sunday game days at least a couple of times.
I will add some other content besides the campaign missions and retextured maps but not sure how much.
Some Russian and Female Voice along with some weapon sounds for the original game weapons.
I am adding my reskinned ghost characters for people only running DS, IT and this mod.

I don't think it should be any problem for people wanting to run their favorite character and weapon mods with it.

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8 minutes ago, ApexMods said:

I may have some spare time. 🤣

I have been wanting to ask if changing the color of the sun and ambient light in the outdoor room is about all that can be done with the Lighting Tool to help turn a day map into night. If I can get it to write new darkmaps they usually have burn marks/artifacts in them that leave unsightly lines in some of the map textures. Most of the time asking for it to write new darkmaps is CTD on a map that is already lit.
In addition, I darken the ground dm, use a night skybox and adjust the fog to help darken it. I have on occasion darkened the existing darkmaps too.

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Yes, sadly the lightning tool won’t work well on lit maps, so you’re limited to small changes there. Picking a good skybox and altering darkmaps, grounddm, and of course fog is mandatory, and it can lead to great results with some trial and error.

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010 Editor is the required hex editor for using the templates Alex has made for GR.

I have poked around with turning a lit map into an unlit map but I really have no clue how it would be done.
When I fixed 30 or so maps that had vegetation tagging errors Alex had found the issue and told me what to look for and replace it with.
I have no idea how long he researched the issue but it was a fairly easy fix he came up with. As I have said before he was the brains and I only did the leg work.

Using the map template with the 010 Editor allows me to make a list of textures contained in a .map file.
Very handy when using the lighting tool as all textures must be present in the appropriate folder for the lighting tool to work correctly.
A missing texture will result in a model having no texture when playing the game.

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I'm not sure how unlockedheroes are supposed to work after the campaign is completed. They work fine progressing through the campaign. If a mission is won a specialist is unlocked and available in the next mission.
However, when the campaign is complete the unlocked specialist are not available in the missions from the completed campaign.
The game has written to the file designated as the s_unlockedhero.xml in the .MIS file.

Is this as it should be or I'm missing something?

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This is my readme file so far:
SPR Reprise is a version of Jack57's campaign named Saving Pilot Ryan which he made in 2004. It is set in Colombia and is a seven mission campaign against drug cartels.

Requires: Desert Siege and Island Thunder patched to version 1.4.


Unzip the downloaded archive and place the SPR Reprise folder in your Mod Folder.

Activate with a higher priority than Desert Siege and Island Thunder.

-There is a choice for Female Voice. Either censored or with expletives. Unzip the archive in the sound folder that you prefer.

-Changed several Male Voice responses.
-Changed a few ambient sounds

-Stock weapons in some cases have been altered with different sounds, minor zoom increase and other minor attributes adjustments.

-All but M05 Embassy have been textured as winter maps.

-Changed the images in the map_shot files.

-Changed skyboxes

-Changed camo pattern for the specialists in the campaign

-Changed the OPFOR characters to match the winter environment. 

-Changed Main Menu and Shell Background images


Jac57           Author of the original campaign

ApexMods  Quick Browsing Mod

Frostbite     rs_winter_garm_m11_body_FB.rsb   Character texture

P2              CommandoCrazy's Jodit Haile winter character


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