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The “Big Seven” Ghost Recon Mods

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Ever so often I receive PMs or email with virtually the same content: “I’m new to Ghost Recon, got the Heroes Unleashed mod, and now I wonder what other great GR mods I should try. Any advice?”

For any newcomer to Ghost Recon, there are seven mods I consider as absolutely essential must-have must-play must-never-uninstall game expansions. I call them “The Big Seven“.

Of course, there are many more essential and great GR mods, but these seven are a stepping stone to get started, and they stand out, as each of them offers everything: a huge new campaign, many new maps, weapons, characters etc.

All seven could count as completely new games, and they are at the very least comparable (if not superior) to the official expansion packs Desert Siege and Island Thunder.

Without further ado, here are my “Big Seven” mods no Ghost Recon fan should be without (in alphabetical order):


Blood Oil



P2: A Cold Day in Hell


War of Infamy (get the add-ons, too)

Year of the Monkey

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