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Looking for another game similar to Wildlands

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Hi Tom,

Nice to see you’re still loyal to the Ghost Recon series and out on the battlefields.

Always wanted to ask whether you ever played the original? I know you’ve been around since at least GRAW, but have you ever tried the good old GR from 2001?

Cheers, Apex

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Apex, thanks for responding, I haven't been active on this site except for a few discussions with Rocky,  Yes, I have been a ghost recon from the start, mainly graw2 later, with RAS Channa as the admin, got to know her very well and a lot of the players.  You can find on this site back then that I start a discussion of "Cheaters vs non-Cheaters", which got a record number of comments and a lot of great discussions.  At that time, I wasn't very good and still not, but enjoyed my time there and hated that the game fizzled.  Not to brag, but I was 75 years old then and just turned 85 in July.  This site was interested why someone like me would tackle fighting against people a LOT  younger. I gave them a little history of my life.  I found out I couldn't compete but enjoyed playing because of my competitive nature.  I really enjoyed playing wildland and its beautiful scenes and finished the game entirely, replayed some it it. Kinda know how to win now and ready to find another program.  It is going to be hard to find one as good as this one.  Have I bored you yet?  Anyway, would welcome suggestions from the vast group of players out there.  Tom1935 (year born) lol

Gr 2001?  is this active?


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Belated Happy Birthday, young man. 🙂

I remember those discussions, Tom. Also recalled your advanced adulthood, and especially glad to see you still play. It’s never boring to hear from you, I assure you.

Yes, online multiplayer for original Ghost Recon is still active, albeit a far cry from its heyday. There is a mature diehard multiplayer community with several dedicated servers running 24/7.

The game itself is a timeless classic, which many (including myself) consider as the by far best in the series. It‘s a lot more realistic and demanding than any of the sequels, and thanks to hundreds and hundreds of mods the replayability is endless, both in single and multiplayer.

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