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Massive Ubisoft Report Details "Frat-House" Culture Of Sexism And Abuse

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Culture Of Sexism And Abuse is everywhere for years, in every single country, company, whatever and (they) never told us, but suddenly something was changed in recent years. It's like everyone was sleeping but decided to open one eye. The real question is do we need to find reasons why it's happening or still try to ignore, just play games and live life because "it's not my business", "where is it? France? It's far away." "those game developers, it's madness" "It'll never happened in EA".

The thing described in article is not just about human nature itself (man and women, power and weakness), it's more about culture of money or capitalism. Can female game character change the world?  Can phraze "someone life matters" or feminist movement or Greta "for God'd sake" Tunberg change something? No. Can poor majority (people) live in peace with minority of reach? That's the right question and, unfortunately, same answer. In the world of capital life of men or women means nothing, it doesn't matter who you are or color of your skin or gender, it works similar in Russia, USA, GB, GERMANY and nothing personal, just a business. I mean capitalizm wants only thing and it's capital. It must be bigger  and bigger otherwise you'll lost everything, And the result is dehumanization and fascism, men becomes a tool and life turns too pointless process of endless capital accumulation. And even more. I can say that Russia is already on the way to build a fascism country and it means only one thing if you look closer you'll see same thing in your country. 

There is a strong connection between what's happen all over the world. Well known events in USA, protests in different countries like Greece and even here in Russia, recent publications about abuse and harassment and rise of different LGTB or feminist movements have strong political basis and used all over the world as political instrument. Racism was for years so as harassment so as enviroment protection problems. So, what's changed? We changed, our mind changed, people all over the world are woke up and we will see more "wonderful discoveries" in the future. 

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I guess the positive here is Ubi really has the chance to lead the way into reforming the games industry on a fundamental level here as detailed in that first article.

I resent the allegations made. But work is clearly being done to do something about it. Which I can commend. 




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“The faces of Ubisoft: Ashraf Ismail, accused of extramarital affairs with fans; Maxime Béland, accused of choking a co-worker; Stone Chin, accused of systematically preying on women for over a decade; Andrien Gbinigie, accused of rape.”



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