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Ghost Recon Breakpoint is 2019′s worst game - The Washington Post

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“... Being a gaming reporter and playing video games for a living sounds like a fun job. Breakpoint was the first game, just two weeks into the job, that felt like a chore. Breakpoint is 2019′s worst game, the sum of all gaming’s worst habits in a single title.“

Full article here

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Average user score for Breakpoint on Metacritic is a whopping 2.5 of 10, with about 90% rating the game 0 to 1 points, and a few “completely honest and in no way related to Ubisoft” reviewers granting it a 10/10. How low can one sink?


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Not a fan of the WAPO, but I think they were actually generous in their rating of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Ubisoft had EVERYTHING going their way, again; Wildlands wasn't 'all that' or even Ghost Recon really, but it had the right attraction, and a game design that was good enough.  Ubisoft literally ignored all the most supported and vetted complaints and discussion on their forums, in fact did the opposite. In what other market or in what other company could you do that, even get away with it no less expect anything even remotely resembling a good result? I know of no company that treats its customers as poorly as Ubisoft does.

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