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One very small question about detection

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I have been reading what you guys have been posting and have a question as I'm yet to play the game and alert mechanics seems to be a concern:

If I decide to approach missions from distance with a sniper rifle and I successfully eliminate a target, will I be immediately surrounded by enemies because they hear the noise of the rifle or because they find a dead body?

And if yes, will changing position immediately after I fire help to stay undetected?

I'm specifically referring to comments such as:

"enemies being able to magically locate your position 500 meter away if you miss with a silenced sniper shot"

"You can get detected by enemies finding dead bodies"

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Been awhile since I have played Wildlands. It might depend on the level of difficulty you are playing the game but I found outside of 200-30 yards you could use a loud sniper rifle at will.
If you get close enough they will definitely swarm you and call in a endless stream of reinforcements. The enemy finding dead bodies will heighten awareness in the remaining enemies.
At some point in a sustained firefight it is probably best to retreat as fast as possible.

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