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Ghost Recon: Two Decades and Still Going Strong

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Our beloved Ghost Recon is almost twenty years old, yet there are still plenty of active servers out there, several new mods are currently under development, and the internet is filled with fresh praise for good old GR, as many (often young) newcomers discover the thrills of true tactical realism in this easily approachable package, which also happens to run great on pretty much any hardware, old and new alike.

No wonder Ubisoft is still trying to milk the full sales price for the game and both of its official expansion packs from new Ghost Recon fans after two decades, as the shameful display of unfathomable greed appears to have become their (only remaining) hallmark as of late. 😔

But I digress. Returning to more positive thoughts, I‘d like to thank all of the old guard staying loyal to Ghost Recon, keeping the flame burning through the many years. At the same time I‘d like to voice my appreciation for the new folks joining our Ghost Recon „cult“. 😉

It would be nice to collect a couple of messages in this thread that express why you’re playing (or modding) Ghost Recon in 2020 (and beyond). There‘s not many games out there enjoying comparable longevity, so let's again shed some light on the „mystery“ of GR‘s immortality. Please post your hearts out, folks!

Long live Ghost Recon!

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GR ..hmm...it was love on the  first sight in 2002. But I mus admit , the geniality of the game I have figured much later , over the years when I've started to play and compare it with other stupid profit driven graphic optimized games as COD & Battlefield  etc.

Missing smart enemy AI,  high Hardware requirements, linear inflexible story and scripting, long setup & update period, long loading times, unrealistic game-play (health recovering, to fast pace, etc) and missing possibility to create your own mods (or at least not so easy) broth me always  back to GR. Finally in year 2007 I have stopped to experiment with other games,  and since then on my PC you can find just one military game which I love & respect.

In GR I find everything what should define high quality produced game in any sense.

And the fact that community have produced so much mods, assets and we still have 7 dedicated server up & running says enough.

 But however all this would not be possible with out  team from ghostrecon.net and all great contributors of the mods/map makers, weapons etc.

Long live the King!

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Long Live Ghost Recon!

It's fair that the gaming industry has moved on as you pointed out, the world is a different place and gamers are a different demographic with different priorities than 20 years ago - nothing stays the same.

It's hard to argue with your points. Sure, games look better and can be extremely detailed thanks to massive storage compared to 2001 - but the core gameplay has been adjusted to bring in additional income after the initial sale to cover the massive costs of huge design teams compared to 2001. Twenty years ago publishers made their money from game sales, now the price on the box is only one revenue stream. Additional money generated in-game is not usually associated with an improved gaming experience though :o(

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I've been playing OGR since 2003 or 2004, and since that time it's been a favorite of mine (along with Rainbow Six: Raven Shield)... and so far with all the superb work of this site (thanks Rocky, ApexMods and everybody else in these great community) and of course tons and tons of excellent mods I hope we all keep playing it for many years to come!!

Ever since I played RS and OGR, started to dislike all the "run and gun" games (except for LAN parties.... yes, I'm THAT old hahahaha), so tha has kept me a fan of the series from day one, but, as many of the members in the community, I believe the real vale of the game it's in the really good quality of the modders, that put their heart, soul, blood, tears and sweat to bring us amazing new things... those are the (not so) little things that "forces" me to revisit OGR on a yearly basis (at least) to play all my favorite (old and new) mods....

One other thnig, I'm married for a few years now, so the money for a new gaming PC it's out of the question (hahaha), so it really helps that OGR runs smoothly on almost any PC or notebook)

Keep up the good work, and as Apex Mods put it.... LONG LIVE GHOST RECON!!!

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