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Ghost Recon Gameplay Videos


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The Nostalgia video had good commentary which I always enjoy and the video quality was superb.
Gamma Dawn video the commentary was very entertaining.
Having played GR missions numerous times I normally don't stick around but these were both entertaining in their own way so I watched them to the end.
The Gamma Dawn player had some intermittent stuttering which I have on one of my computers. Hardware is way more then needed. My usual GR rig is on deadline since I bricked the motherboard doing a BIOS update. 😣

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Thanks for the feedback, Wombat. 🙂

For me, watching GR gameplay vids sure beats TV (which I never watch, anyhow).

There‘s almost always something to learn from them, especially for a modder, as everyone tends to play differently, and you get to see the game from yet another angle, so I often find myself jotting down a few notes for my HU todo list.

The same goes for commentary, shining a light on different player perspectives.

Sorry to hear about your hardware mishaps. Hope you get the new PC sorted. 

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