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Game not launching


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I reinstalled GR on my new computer the other day and after being installed, nothing happens when I launch the game. 

I did through internet but no look so far. 

I have the proper GR version on a CD, not a steam version. 

If someone could help me, this would be kind :)

Thank you !



Windows Version : 10 Family 64bits

CPU : 6 

DirectX Version : 12

GeForce GTX 1650

Amount of System Ram : 16384 MB Ram



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It is a issue installing GR with a disc version on Win7, 8 and 10. Microsoft did something with these OS that messes with the Digital Rights Management on the discs and the game will not launch. The only legal alternative is to buy the Steam version. One guy got it to work on Windows 8 by uninstalling a windows update that broke GR from working but I have not heard about a similar solution for Win10. There is a possible work around but it is frowned upon on this site. The last time it worked with a set of discs for me was Windows XP.

There is a suggestion in this thread by 5Kurz.

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Okay, that's annoying. So the only solution, with my currents setting, is to buy the game on Steam ? 

Is it working okay on Steam ? 

I've played GR so much for so many years, I'm feeling nostalgic right now but I don't want to buy it on Steam if it won't work lol

Thank you

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I have used the Steam version on Win 10 for several years.

Works fine with my Nvidia video card but on the other computer GR wouldn't work until I rolled back to older drivers for the AMD GPU.

I checked and it is still available on Steam. Ghost Recon $10, Desert Siege $5, Island Thunder $5.
The Steam version is fully patched. If you are unsure if it will work only buy Ghost Recon and get it working before buying the expansions.


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