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Is Ghost Recon Wild Lands good?

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Hello, so I'm deciding about getting ghost recon wild lands. I skipped on breakpoint I have zero interest in that due to the reviews I have seen, but Wildlands has always intrigued me. I love the just cause series, and I know Wild Lands is openworld and pretty massive like Just Cause. I would watch youtube videos on this matter, but i'd like to see your guys opinion. Is there really a story within the game and how is the gameplay mechanics and the things to do within this world? Thanks guys sorry if this post seems all over the place I'm extremely tired right now haha.

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I bought it and really liked it. Very good single player and online co-op. I did not play the online PvP so I don't know about that.
It can be played in a realistic manner or guns blazing. I enjoyed the driving mechanics but it is very unrealistic. Cars and trucks can take a huge amount of damage.
Helicopters are easy to fly but the airplanes were very difficult for me. Airplanes are flown mostly on side missions.
I bought it on sale for maybe 25-30 dollars on Steam. Currently it is 50 dollars on Steam.

I bought the DLC Fallen Ghosts after completing the campaign and it was worth it.
I have heard the DLC Narco Road was not worth buying.
Ubisoft did a lot of patches by the time I bought it so all or most of the bugs were gone.

Maj0r Lee Review   This has a lot of information but is funny as hell.
Worth a Buy Review 

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