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Help with map labels


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In Igor under the View menu select Map Labels. Now any map objects will display their names. If it contains <dyn> it means it is dynamic and can (usually) be hidden or destroyed (by Jack57 in "Loop Response" )

with that tip, I destroyed many buildings in my mission :rolleyes: , but on the Island village map I have some problems <_< !!!

there are two map labels: the driving boat and the other boat

I want to blow up the "other" boat , set up some fx and activated them + the response " Destroy MapObject ". It doesn't worked! :o

then I used the response "Hide Map Object" and it doesnt worked too :angry:

does this only happen cause it's a mp map??? or do I somethin wrong (I dont think so :blink: )

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Sure, if that's the effect you want to create. A napalm explosion GENERAL_TYPE14(0)(20) or smoke explosion GENERAL_TYPE09 might help disguise it from vanishing suddenly.

Jack :)

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