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Help Find Product Key for Crysis

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In lieu of Crytek announces Crysis Remastered I dug up my copy, but, couldn't find the Product Key/ Manual.  

Back in the day, there was a way of going thru RegEdit to find the Product Key inside the CD-ROM. Anyone knows how to do this?  Here's proof I bough this game back in May 18 2008


Meantime, I'll install Crysis Warhead since I have the Product Keys for that game.


update: Found a string of possible codes in the SETUP Folder ...Could these be the numbers?




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I'm looking at my Key and it has 5 sets of 4 number/letters each with a dash between them and they do not use any lower case letters. Also no 0/o's are used in mine.

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This was under Windows Gaming Network and not Origin.

I'm confused on who to ask for Support: EA, Crytek, Windows or Origin?

I found the string of numbers. I just ran short of time to see which numbers.

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