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The DIvision 2


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So I really enjoyed Wildlands and still do, but The Division 2 is one of my latest addictions. My friend thought it would be an interesting game due to current events and the two of us love it. Started like April 12th and already have 47 hours logged onto it. For me it's far superior to the original game although I did hear they did patch that and it was improved significantly. I just never got back into it. For me the best part about this is being able to game with my one buddy who I started gaming with in Ghost Recon. That and the TTK is much better than I remember with the first Division. Does anyone else play this game or are yall more GR based? Sidenote: I'm actually reading Ghost Recon Choke Point in my down time.

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I played the Division a lot and enjoyed it up to a point. Completed the campaign and tried to get a set of classified gear which was a very long and fruitless process for me.
I'd go in the Dark Zone with a gear score of 287(max is 290) and when I saw a rogue I could empty a clip into him with no effect. Then get killed with 2-3 shots from him. That happened frequently. Decided that was enough for me. Liked Wildlands very much.


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