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Cant play GRAW 1 because of renderer_settings.xml

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Everytime i start Graw 1 this message always appear

Crash in application version: grpcrc1.35

E:\dev\graw1\trunk\engine\dieselx\source\utility\Archive.cpp(1772)Cannot open c:\program files (x86)\ubisoft\ghost recon advanced warfighter\data\settings\renderer_settings.xml

If can someone help me i will be very thankful.

And yea i buy this game 2019 ( December ) . its to old i know.

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Sorry for waiting 

Windows 7 , prossesor 3 Ghz + 3.5 Ghz , memory : 1 TB ,  3d card : GTX 1660Ti  ; 

But now the renderer_settings.xml file is empty . There is nothing in the file.

Can somebody tell me what i can write is the empty file ( renderer_settings.xml).

And doesn't let me unistall the game . 

The game is on Disk.



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This is mine (for a Nvidia Geforce GT 630M video card), hope that steers you in the right direction (I'm assuming you would need to change the <d3d_device 'adapter' and 'driver' values, the rest should at least get you up and running).

        adapter = "Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000"
        driver = "igdumd32.dll"
        resolution = "800 600"
        windowed = "false"
        refresh_rate = "60"
        <variable name="anti_aliasing" value="disabled"/>
        <variable name="aspect_ratio" value="0"/>
        <variable name="brightness" value="1"/>
        <variable name="dynamic_lights" value="true"/>
        <variable name="effect_quality" value="high"/>
        <variable name="max_anisotropy" value="8"/>
        <variable name="post_effect_quality" value="high"/>
        <variable name="shadow_quality" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_backdrop" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_buildings" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_buildings_low" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_characters" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_default" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_effects" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_ground" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_lightmaps" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_no_lod" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_plants" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_player_vehicles" value="true"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_props" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_props_bump" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_props_high" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_silhouettes" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_sky" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_vehicles" value="true"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_weapons" value="true"/>
        <variable name="texture_managed_weapons_third" value="false"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_backdrop" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_buildings" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_buildings_low" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_characters" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_default" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_effects" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_ground" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_lightmaps" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_no_lod" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_plants" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_player_vehicles" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_props" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_props_bump" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_props_high" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_silhouettes" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_sky" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_vehicles" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_weapons" value="high"/>
        <variable name="texture_quality_weapons_third" value="high"/>


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