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I played over 800 hours single player so I enjoyed it very much too. I thought the driving was arcade and I could play the whole game that way but it could be played more realistically if I chose to. That was a aspect of the GR 2001 game, there was a choice in how the game could be played. I agree with and enjoyed your review.

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Just downloaded and started playing Wildlands again. Turned the settings down slightly so I wasn't being dominated by AI, but still had to be half decent to survive.

I never actually finished this game, probably got halfway through and probably went back to Arma 3.

So here I am now, having taken down 4 Buchons so far, and I'm really loving this game.

I think back to how tough I used to be on all the GR attempts post-OGR and was maybe a bit harsh, maybe not.

But this game is genuinely a great sequel to OGR, with all the varied missions and the replayability, going stealthy or loud, amazing world and environment.

Ticking every box for me really. I'm really going to push to finish the game in full this time to see how I feel when it's all over.

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