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Ghost recon wont launch

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Hello everyone. I am running windows 7 ESCROW 
until recently i could never start the game through uplay. When i did the splashscreen would load forever orjust disappear again after synchronizing game files.
I got around it by launching GRB_BE.exe from the game folder, but as of the last patch, that stopped working too.

Does anyone here know of any tricks to try to get it to work? I have tried all compatibility modes :(

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Windows 7 ESCROW is a pre-release developmental beta OS. Win 7 has also been retired by Microsoft. The released version, not the earlier one you're using.

Good luck finding help with Breakpoint, seriously. If you do find a solution, we'd be very interested in hearing about it.

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Ooof, ESCROW, I remember how easy that OS was to hack during training. 

Strapped for cash? I think I might have a spare Win10 pro key lying around


Likelihood is the OS isn't supported by Breakpoint, there's likely a DLL the OS is missing or they've updated their support list. And there's a good chance you got lucky with the workaround.


There's no real way out of it homie, you're likely gonna have to upgrade. 

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I had to reinstall my Win 10 not long ago(lightning strike) and as I did with my first install of Win 10, I downloaded, installed and activated with my Win 7 key. Your mileage may vary.
At one time Win 10 would work without a key but then there was a annoying nag screen.

Hello Zeealex!

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