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Just found some old photos! Azz Cup 2003!!


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Used to have the same print outs, but I wasn't so anal over it that they were done in colour - so one up on me there!

People have said in the past to me "wow you really know the phonetic alphabet".  Never felt confident enough to tell them it was due to my time playing this game.

Great memories and still looking for something to replace it in the same manner.

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On 17/01/2020 at 10:26, Super_Criquet said:

J'adore !

Cela me rappel l'époque où j'écrivais à la main lorsque j'étais sur le logiciel Igor. J'étais à la fois sur le logiciel OU sur Bloc-Note. Car on peut aussi modifier la mission via le bloc note.

Super ordinateur en tout cas 😉 . Cela me manque "lol"


I love ! It reminds me of the time when I wrote Igor code by hand. I use Igor OR or Notepad. Because we can also modify the mission via the notepad. Great computer anyway 😉. I miss it "lol"

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Well I've been trying for about an hour now to find the old azz cup missions.

I can find most of the briefings, but no mission downloads, which is sad.

The file name for the first mission was azzcup_mission_1.rar

Anyone still got them?

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Hello, I do not know this mission.

I have an Iron Dragon mission that I modified thanks to the help of Wombat (Don)

Name the mission : Papashvili Invasion | 01 - Papash Attack 😂 . The enemies are all Papashvili.🤣

Works with the Origmiss extension. No need for Mp1 and Mp2. I created a mod, but I only use the actors and maps of Origmiss. 😉


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Hey Lightspeed you are not forgotten, we spartans were delibrating on getting some Arma 3 up again, and first thing I mentionned was: we need a Lightspeed mission....

Say Hi on the Sparta forums if you will, and who nows, we might get up early oneday to have a game or 2

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