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I'm sure you guys get this a lot. The game won't run not even try!


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Thanks Dannik for clarifying that as an Admin, so won't discuss this further.  For interest, before posting I did look, but couldn't find SOAF for sale, hence the question (Steam [at least not in my region - Aus.], gog.com, amazon.com.au, or EB Games and JB Hi-Fi [local games shops]).  After reading your msg, I had a wider look, and did find copies on amazon.com.  Even though they won't ship to me, my consideration of SOAF as 'abandonware' was still wrong.

I'll go back to my original plan using an 'origmiss' map for the mission I'm scripting ... 

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Idk if this helps anyone, but I have installed Ghost Recon from UbiSoft Connect and have an AMD graphics card, when I would click the shortcut on ghost recon nothing really seemed to happen.  I didn't see any Ghost Recon processes running in the task manager.  I tried to run GhostRecon.exe directly out of the folder as administrator and it gave some error about Couldn't locate entry point in atiumdag.dll ... I google searched this, found someone talking about having the same issue with another game, the solution there was to delete dbghelp.dll from the game directory.  I checked the Ghost Recon game directory, that file exists, I renamed it.  Ghost Recon starts up and appears to work fine.

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