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Problem with "replenish inventory" command...

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Hi , and happy new year , the best for all ! 

I came back to improve some missions i make ( or improve ) and i have a problem when i use "ammo box" for reload and the  "replenish inventory"  command ...it's work well with ammo ,AT rockets, frags ...but when the actor who have a kit with "bombs item" , go to the ammo box , he can  only "replenish" with only 1 bomb    !!!  (whatever the number of bombs in the kit) Thanks if anyone have an idea of the problem .🙂


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Thanks for your answer ! if i understand, it is better to use "assign kit" instead of "replenish inventory " command but this "replenish" command is more logical as you can conserve the weapons you have at the start of the mission ...too bad ,if nothing is possible to change ...

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Not really. There is no script function to query an actor‘s current kit, and the „refill“ command is the only way to restock any kit, albeit with the mentioned limitations. It depends on the item type listed in the kit file, the count is 1 for HandHeldItem (demo, claymore etc.), 6 for ThrownItem (hand grenades), and now that I think about it... I believe Firearm ammo is actually refilled correctly, i.e. according to kit file contents, it‘s just item count that is hardcoded. I may have spoken too soon in that previous post. 🙂

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