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My M4.


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Whats ouch? i made the same thing, didnt use a pvs, but had a acog, and a aimpoint, not only that, it had more attachments, a tac light, and a anpeq-2, it was in the upper 1000's. no reason for any above 2500. Try usin transparent textures, that should in itself ut u down to lower 2000's, then try the poly cruncher, or delet em urself, that will help a lot. The last model i saw of urs, u had ring foils around the m203, thats way tooo much man, gotta keep in mind, there are ppl with pos pc's(myself).

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I will suggest you fools to upgrade your computer :) shoot 3000 doesnt put a dint in mine.

Check the link to my computer in my sig ;)

Also, you've got no reason to call nayone fools. The poly counts are just a rule of thumb. So people who don't have computers as l337 as some of the people ehre do, they can still run the mods.

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