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Terminator event question

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A few things I learned that helped me with Terminator content.

1. Keep your distance.  For some for the missions the number of Sentinel soldiers don't respawn.  Pick off from a distance.

2. For some of the missions you have to retreat to cover and heal.  Don't let the relentless advance of the terminator freak you out.  Take your time and retreat.

3. Ledges and roofs are your friend.  Get up there to give yourself time.

4. Rocket the terminators from a distance.

5. Don't forget to switch OUT of your iron sights mode.  This makes engagement much easier.

6. I had some fun laying down mines whilst the terminator engaged Sentinel... so once I started engaging the series of mines were laid before his relentless advance.

7. On the missions where the Sentinel AI keeps respawning draw the terminator out of the area and keep moving to avoid the AI spawn-points.

8. Basically playing smart and thinking about the engagement before you enter is key... which speaks to exactly why I have enjoyed the content.

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