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Mods that make Ghost Recon HU better/funner


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*I copy and pasted this from the general discussions being that I am new to this site and don't know how or see an option to delete comments yet*

So I'm realizing that this game even as awesome as it is alone with the HU mod that it could be better with some other mods. Does anybody have any suggestions (of existing mods) that can make this game better? There's some weapons that I would like to have suppressors that don't have suppressors. I think for the sake of realism it was a good idea to not allow a red dot or holographic sights to actually zoom in all the way, however being that we are not in a real environment in a game it's not very realistic to just aim a crosshair at a target across the map neither is it very easy (making something harder doesn't make it more real). I wish that red dot or holographic sights or those that aren't an ACOG would at least offer a little bit of zoom because the human eye knows how to focus on a target in real life. For some reason I feel like there's already an add-on that exist for this. That is one of the few things that I would have kept from the original game but just minimized it instead of allowing an M4 with iron sights to zoom in half way it would only zoom in a quarter of the way. Also whenever my guys are telling me they've been spotted or somebody is wounded or they're taking fire or absolutely anything, in real life you would know what teamates are speaking to you. Heroes Unleashed does not show at all who is telling you they're under fire or who is telling you that they've arrived to their destination or who is telling you that they just confirmed a kill. Please, if you have any leads on mods that can bring this these elements back to the gameplay I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot.


By the way, if there is still somebody who makes mods for this game, is it possible to create a "thermal" vision mod? 

Post Script: In "real life"  I am a small arms expert for the disclaimer. An ACOG site offers 3x-4x zoom. So it should offer some zoom in the game, but a rifle or submachine gun with iron sights or a regular 5 MOA or 3 MOA Red-dot/Holographic sight should also offer a little bit of zoom (in the game) to simulate the focus of the human eye on an object or person. Not to simulate magnification

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One of the mods which you can take look is Cloak-and-Dagger maybe that will solve your issues with weapons.

Well fixing messages like "under fire" or "spotted" can not be done without adjusting script by giving display message who is talking , can be done but with lot of effort...quick and dirty and super stupid solution (delete this sound files :)))

Yes, they are still ppl who making mods, imho "thermal" vision mod is not possible (green is given by the game engine)

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