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Well, I ended up getting it on XB1 at release.

I'm not going to go over what's already been said many times, and which I agree with.


But, I am enjoying it mostly.  There are things I would change, as we all probably would, but I end up policing myself in terms of weapons/loadouts/and the "C" word.

It's a pity I couldn't afford a decent PC to run it on

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I was selected for the tech test and the beta. I can honestly say that they enhanced the game since Wildlands, but..........they made a major mistake by having a looter shooter mechanic. Someone had t

I've just had a quick run around and there's some neat new features in Breakpoint. Game looks beautiful and when you "merge" into a bush, very cool feature. There's a tonne of new elements,

So I have played it too and my opinion is split.  Ubisoft did a great job in modeling the world and I have to say, for a beta it's pretty neat. The new Loadout and Customization pages are way bet

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