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How to add own new weapons into Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

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I have never done it but I think Ghost Recon requires 3D Studio Max version 4 or 5 to properly import models into the game.. These are very old versions and very hard to find and buy.
It also requires some plugins for 3DSM to handle working with GR models and exporting them in to the game. It might be possible to import Blender models into 3DSM but I'm not sure.
So at the least it requires 3DSM version 4 or 5 and the appropriate plugins for that program.

You can search the Ghost Recon Modding section of these forums for details or tutorials. At this late date it will be a good trick to accomplish what you want.

GR(PC) Modding Forum which has sub forums for modeling weapons, vehicles and maps.


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@Wombat50 thanks for your respond 😁 I will try to find everything that I need for mod making (it will be much more easier to find 3dsm 4-5 than plugins for GR),because this game deserve some good mod (such is Heroes Unleashed) but with much more weapons, gadgets,levels,better graphics and full fps view (not just crosshair)

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