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DeCENTralized COMmand: A CENTCOM/Heroes Unleashed Addon

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Beta v6.0 released. Includes new missions including one that should scratch that old school R6 itch. Attached is the briefing for that mission. WARNO a01 - Moonlit Banshee.pdf

Version: Beta v6.0 Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jveu58B067vtcqYZblU5jg5tXu5YrrEA Beta v2.0 -> Beta v2.1 Patch: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ED39hqRRdJElQUGX18D5mMabZCbErX

More sound testing  

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I'm not sure if it's  a known bug or glitch.

1. My mission never ends even after I accomplish all goals. It occurs as if I didn't finish the last goal of the mission that I have accomplished.

2. On the team selection menu, every time I click Levie(sniper), game crashes.

Well, Do you have the same problem? Or...maybe there's something wrong with my campaign profile or some  other files.

The reason I am posting this here is that It happened after I applied the DeCENT mod. Not a complain really though😀. I love the mod itself.

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Uhh...I cannot remember the name of the mission but it was 26th mission I think. Clearing the bunkers and road blocks  and neutralizig vehicles,clearing the compound. 

The campaign..is HU campaign. I have been using this single campaign since I I only had HU. 

Yes i have centcom installed. Mods are in order as they should be. Could it be a problem with campaign profile? Kind of weird isn't it?

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Think you are right.  And the reason The mission never ended was because of the goal that was not  in OGR. Thanks for helping. 

If it doesnt bother you I would like to ask few more thing. Is it possible to use model skin from cloak and dagger in Decent mod?

And will it be possible to make visual recoil when firing ? Like camera shake when near explosion. 


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You can probably make a custom mod where you pull some of the assets from CaD. As for visible recoil, not possible afaik. The closest thing would be to give all weapons actual projectiles, but that would lead to other issues (shake would only be when bullet impacts close, grenade death animations, etc).

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