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DeCENTralized COMmand: A CENTCOM/Heroes Unleashed Addon

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For demonstration purposes I used taskforce_body_dcu.rsb and used it to replace all desert skins for regular Ghosts, who match up mostly on textures but not totally.  So what I think is happening here - and bear with me, I have no modding experience so I may have some things wrong - is the way the models take textures from the .rsb files is everything has an allocated slot that gets applied to the model. The .chr for every class but the Rifleman needs an extra strip of texture where the forefoot and laces go, and in the case of Support and Marksman the higher cut of the black jungle boot/tan desert boot also fills in part of that texture that the Rifleman's lower-cut boot doesn't fill. The Rifleman is the only class where the boot texture is 2 vs 3 pieces, but the TF245 skins all use the Rifleman as the template.

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@TJbrenaModels essentially have a mapping to them that determines which parts of the textures go where on the model, with some models working differently than others.

@EliasComandoDo you have a model that works in game for it? I don't think having this would change gameplay much (if at all) since I already have a Mk12 in there, but shouldn't he hard to put in if I have a model.

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Maybe take the m16a4 model from heroes mod

Remove the both iron sights and the barrel keeping the rails covers

And from the mk12 mod 0 take the scope the barrel and suppressor

Thats is a idea😊

 Or the other case 

What softwares uses to make or edit weapons maybe can help

I edit many guns in operation flashpoint



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At least in MP, you can play as normal Special Forces which mostly use the same models except in full M81 and DCU. MP is nice even when playing solo since you can take advantage of AI backup. I don't plan on changing the Ghosts anytime soon.

Working on finishing up the next update, will feature a few more missions:

  • A simple convoy ambush deep in the Amazon Rainforest
  • A raid on a small group of rebels and their advisors in the forests of South Ossetia
  • A high-speed night hostage rescue that should scratch the R6 vibe

Also in the early stages of another sound overhaul, but likely won't see that for a while. I preferably want to release it in one go. This sound update will also experiment with separate 1st and 3rd person sounds by taking advantage of the npc gun system that Heroes Unleashed uses for added realism and immersion.

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