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Ghost Recon Reveal 9th May 2019 - Everything We Know

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On 11/05/2019 at 17:53, Rocky said:

But if I see one more "waiting for Ubi downgrade" comment like youtube I'm likely to explode. 

i never understood that, like downgrades aint cool, yeah, but the shaders and graphical fidelity was excellent. I think the only gripe I had was the animations and character proportions left a lot to be desired. 

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15 hours ago, Evilducky said:

Uhh the specific scenario is that the 'Wolves' took over the main island where J. Skell makes all his drone? I mean that is a pretty specific scenario if you ask me :)

Specific in the sense that only the area bosses have the significant drone and tech backups (if area “buchones” is still a thing)..

All the same... by claiming this is a rogue “ghost” element they are setting expectations for their enemy AI... if they do something amazing with enemy AI then im there regardless of how “ghost recon” it is or isnt

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