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No Way to Restart from Planning Phase?

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I am finally getting around the playing GRAW2, the last legit Red Storm/Tom Clancy game IMO, and there is already something I find obnoxious and completely unnecessary: there is no way to restart a mission from the planning phase. Apparently only one other person on the internet has noticed this idiotic decision/lack of options, and he was told to load old saves. In his case he had deleted them. In my case, I did not. Guess what? The first ing save still goes to the beginning of the mission after the planning phase. So the only way to EVER restart that mission at Planning is to restart the entire campaign or use someone else's save games. What in the were they thinking when they decided to make such a glaring omission and why didn't they ever fix it? Why hasn't someone else modded this into the game?

This lack is so stupid, and will irritate me so constantly, that I am just going to hack the game to make all levels unlocked as I would just as soon not play it as deal with that sort of nonsense.

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