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Are New Gamers Spoiled

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Hey everyone its Bodark again, hope you guys been well. I just recently made this video where I was slightly triggered lol. I basically got really mad with the way gamers treat devs and how they behave themselves lately. Talking crap about games and cursing at devs on social media and just not even appreciating the same games that they're talking about. Sometimes they''ll be talking about the smallest problem and blow it out of proportion. I guess this is also part of the argument that gaming youtube is super negative right now, in any case if you guys agree or want to drop your opinion please do so here or on the video. See ya guys .



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Spoiled? Seriously? Man, I‘ll have to take a couple of hours aside to comment on this. Only this much for now: There is a LOT to criticize about modern games, and how the bean counters dictate development nowadays. You think games used to be WORSE than they are now? It‘s been a rush to rock bottom for almost two decades.

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For me I see publishers scrambling to find new ones to monetise games at the expense of gameplay, but on the other side of the coin, new technology has pushed gaming to some awesome new heights providing unthinkable gaming highlights that were unthinkable years ago.

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The big ideological tidal change that spelled doom for game quality was taking development decisions out of the hands of the creative intelligent people and handing them to the greedy primitive corporate bean counters, pencil pushers, and money mongers.

Games used to be made for the people playing them, now they’re being made for the ones selling them.

The whole idea of game development changed from „let‘s create something insanely great“ to „how can we trick the most fools into spending their money on the cheap-ass shovelware crap we churn out again and again“.

That is why you no longer see engaging single-player or local network cooperative play, built-in dedicated server or even peer-to-peer mode, extensive mod support and tools - basically anything that may expand a game's longevity, because while all these features benefit the player, publishers feel they can squeeze more money out of you with their next short-lived shovelware, and then the one after that, ad nauseam.

It‘s a sad sign of the times really, as stupid money (crap) rules over smart creativity (quality) pretty much everywhere, nowadays. Of course, there are still some brilliant indy devs out there, but “AAA” publishers have dragged the mainstream into the gutter.

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