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Anyone know what map "Avenues" is in the bundle?


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I decided to tinker a bit with GRAW. I don't use the CD/DVD version anymore. I bought GRAW through Amazon as a digital Download.

That being said, Does anyone know what the map name is for Avenues? I've always wanted to play that map as OGR Coop. Maybe someone has successfully created avenues for OGR COOP.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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6 hours ago, HSantal' said:

I don't know that one. We've been playing this game since it came out. We have over 200 maps in our collection.

All of them OGR COOP.

It's within the games .bundle file.  I think quick.bundle. I was curious if anyone knew the actual maps name within the bundle is all.

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Fishmonger thinks that a Deathmatch map. He's made a few maps using that terrain.

pull_my_finger, nuke_from_orbit are a couple. You can look at those if you like.

The list of maps can be found here: http://thegamerplanet.com/forum/index.php?topic=2.0

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Ok, Now I know WindowsXP, Vista and now Windows 10 are quite different. Is there a folder where I can put the map, extract Fishmongers bundle file and tweak it to my liking?

I have a location on my external HDD, where do I put it now in Windows 10? There used to be a windowsXP working folder or somewhere, where I can tweak it? It has been a looong time ago

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