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Some of my mods arent showing up in the activation list.

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So I'm pretty new to the whole Ghost Recon Classic modding thing. I've done everything that other sources say but even with all my mods being in the "mods" folder in the game files they still don't show up in game. How can I remedy this?

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Every mod needs a text file in its main folder called ModsCont.txt.
This is the contents from the ModsCont.txt found in the MP1 folder:
// Mods Contents
NAME        "Desert Siege"
AUTHOR        "Red Storm Entertainment"
SUPPORT        "http://www.redstorm.com/"
VERSION        "1.00"
MULTIPLAYER    "Server-Client"

Just copy it over to your mod folder and edit to suit with Notepad.
The "NAME" is what appears in the game options when activating a mod.




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Hey guys I was just stopping in to see if maybe one of you could help me. I can't get my Heros Unleashed to work. I have tried several different ways to move my Heroes Unleashed folder into my mods folder as the instructions say. And everything appears to be there and in order but when I go to the game they are not available in the mods in the options menu. if someone could please help me get this thing running I would really appreciate it.


Thank you.

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