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2560x1440 resolution?


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I saw in a post (by Apex Mods) that 2560x1440 was possible on an 27" display

That option is not available in the graphics setup. Is there some way to make that possible.

Getting ready to buy a 27" 2560x1440 monitor but what is the point of that if it won't work.

Using Heros Unleashed mod, btw.

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more nfo
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On 05/02/2019 at 08:06, KRP 56 said:

Cool ! You can also get 2K & 4K resolutions on a 1080P monitor if your using an Nvidia GPU by enabling DSR in Nvidia's control panel. Saves money and looks close to native 2K & 4K as far as I can tell.

I had no idea about this. I have a Nvidia card and was able to turn this feature on and it does look better. Maybe it is wishful thinking but tangos seem easier to spot. Only down side are icons on the command map, reticules and pop up windows are smaller. The HUD and CM are smaller too but there is an option to scale the command map and HUD to be larger.  Thanks!

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Ended up purchasing a Dell 27" 2650x1440 144HZ display.

Works fine with GR at native resolution at 60hz but when I switched to 144hz... get big black bars along the side. Even tried lower to 1080p both the monitor and the game but no luck.

Using a HDMI 2.0 cable as the monitor doesn't have DVI-D input. It does have DP but didn't come with a DP cable (######?)

Both GRAW2 and IL2 work fine at that resolution and refresh rate.

The Heros Unleashed instructions do mention using that so I assume it should work.

Specs for the monitor support:

Native Resolution
2560 x 1440 at 155Hz (Overclock with DP)
2560 x 1440 at 144Hz (Native with HDMI 2/ DP)
2560 x 1440 at 60Hz (Native with HDMI1)

• 1920x1080 (16:9 widescreen HD 1080p) display resolution or higher • 27+ inches 144Hz-refresh 1ms-response WQHD gaming monitor or better


Maybe I will try resetting all the settings to default in the Nvidia settings.

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I just noticed that some letters I put in my earlier post for an abbreviation for “whiskey tango foxtrot” was changed to #####. 


I am sorry if offended some algorithm or carbon based life form. I didn’t mean to do that. 

But serioisly. ###### if you can’t say ###???



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