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Back for more. I went ahead and got the Steam versions of all three. Now, will mods work in these versions? I tried to dl and install HX5 and it wont install. Some kind of error. Same with a couple others that Im trying to use. Im hoping theres a way to do this. Im looking round for an old XP system I can maybe set up and use too. Always loved this game. Love to be able to play some firefight.


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Mods work the same but the install destination for mods is different then an install with discs.
The Steam version location on my computer is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Ghost Recon\Mods

The  default location for a disc set is: Program Files (x86)\Red Storm Entertainment\ Ghost Recon\mods
If the mod is installed with a .exe file you will have to point it to the new location.

I made a shortcut to the GR location that I have on my desktop for quick access.

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