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Looking For Mature , Fun, But Tactical Teammates

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Alright so used to play Ghost recon on xbox 1, now i am a playstation 4 owner and have picked up this game, just started all over again yesterday, i know the basics and what not used to be tier level 20 whatever on xbox, I got a mic , Imma stoner in my mid twenties, Not huge into pvp more looking for guys to complete story with. 

If you wanna play and have some fun and have some laughs feel free to add me DarthBakedd. 

again only mature peeps only, look forward to playing with some of yall, 


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On 18/12/2018 at 19:57, DarthBakedd said:

Hello, mate. 

I've just got the game so if you're up for starting from the beginning that would be cool or waiting until I'm the same level. I don't want to be baby sat by a higher level player. I was hoping to play the whole game in co-op. PSN bwillis1. I'm in the UK and occasionally work shifts so usually only online at weekends. 




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