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New Photo Mode

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The new photo mode looks really good, seems to be a lot faster than Ansel (which is also still available in game).

Activate photo mode with F10, capture the photo with F12.

Photos are saved in the default Pictures folder in windows, in a Uplay folder.


Just before Nomad faceplanted into a rock shelf below.

Damn these base jump missions.

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The new way to play.. Rebel Ops style. AK style weapons, no silencer, drones, night vision or fancy gadgets, dress like a rebel and doing resupply missions. If you do a convoy steal mission, you have to drive the truck to the nearest rebel base. Helos you can still just fly to their destinations.



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16 minutes ago, Evilducky said:

if you add me on uplay we can play together - evilducky2

I currently play OGR with some friends. From past experience one online game at a time is all I can handle.
I very much appreciate the offer Evilducky.

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