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Who plays the old, original GR


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I hope I don't get shot for asking this question as I'm sure many have already asked.  I have never purchased the original, but have played it on the xbox back in early 2000s.  Since then I moved onto various games like Joint Operations, Armed Assauilt, GR:AW (PC) and others but was just curious about the old version since that has always been my favorite.  I did make quite a few missions for GR:AW as Rocky can attest to :-)

Anyway just curious on what groups hang in this OGR game.  Also, if there is a download for it feel free to send my way.  Have a great weekened!

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At some point there was a free version but it had some qualifiers. Have not heard of it in some time.
The disc sets no longer install correctly on Win7 and above. A DRM(digital rights management issue) I believe.
Steam is the surest way to go and what I use.

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