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Camapign on coop mode

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i have started today a server to play campaing on coop mode. but my other friend (which is playing on my other PC in my house) cant find the server.

Is there something wrong with my connection ? why does LAN or dedicated server does not allow campaign missions ?


Both games are updated to 1.05 v


Thanks !

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10 hours ago, Rocky said:

Hmmm, I'm not sure about LAN in GRAW 2. Multiplayer is not supported anymore, and I guess it might even affect local LAN.


You might need to use the files on this site https://gamerecon.net/graw2/

Sorry cannot help any further :(

Actually, dedicated server and LAN are working fine, but local server (the only one that allows you to play main missions on co-op) is not visible from the other PC, or vice versa.

I also tried to tweek the file inside settings/profile folder. i changed the co op mission to a main mission. it actually works until my friend wants to join...the server is still not visible :(

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