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It's taken over a year but....

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What can I say, I'm a completionist with a list of other distractions...

Got there in the end through, final credits roll!


There are very few games in my multi-hundred library I have actually ever completed, but Wildlands is one of them and I really really enjoyed it.  I am looking forward to playing it again in Ghost Mode - right after I play this alternative ending....



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On 01/09/2018 at 23:41, 5timechamp said:

On 2 files i have collected everything... like Arkham Knight the fun is in finding the balance in not always doing one specific thing constantly..

It helps that I walk alot and refuse to fast travel....

if only theyd add random enemy patrols and encounters

I hear you on that last part. Closest they have to random patrols is in sort of the same vicinity of that golf course. There's a Lieutenant house up on a hill with some woods and Santa Blanca is patrolling there. But yeah i want more of that, but just randomly. Even if they're only a few hundred meters out from outposts. Anyways, i feel like I'm getting off topic from Rocky's post. That is a good feeling completing the game. I prefer the regular ending to be honest. I'm gonna be starting all over again on PC in about a week or so. Can't wait.

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