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Forums Upgraded today - any issues let me know.


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This has happened to me recently but still exists after the Forum Upgrades today.
I will navigate to GR.net and usually I'm already logged in. A week or so ago I came here and I was not logged in so I entered my name and pw and got an error.
If it happens again I'll take a screenie of the error message.
If I went to other pages at GR.net I could see I was logged in because my user avatar showed in the upper LH corner.

Today I came here and was logged in already. I guess because I usually check 'remember me' in the log in window. (see following screenie)
signed in.JPG


But when I went to this thread(Special Operations Update 2) I was not logged in. (see following screenie)
not signed in.JPG
At the moment it is just a minor annoyance but I have no idea of the cause.

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This is an update to the above post.

I checked unread content and nykelen had posted to the Special Operations Update 2 thread.
I clicked on the link  and it took me to that thread but nyleken's post does not show and as before I am logged out on that page.


Log in error when trying to login on the Special Operations Update 2 thread:
s_log in error.JPG

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Okay this does not happen to me at all might be difficult to trouble shoot.

I'll start wit that error message first because that is 3 members now have given me that error message.

Hang tight guys I'm on the case, sorry for the frustration!

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Yeh this issue predates the upgrade yesterday.

Okay I have updated the forum theme to the latest version so all forum software is now bang up to date. The forum cache has also been cleared.

If that error message comes up again please let me know.

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