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I have a weird question can i increase player health of normal player like in a normal fps by editing cmbtmodl file in Mp1,Mp2 &  Origmiss

 if above code does not work can anyone advise me on this how to do it if possible at all. if there is any mod for it please do tell me. I am adding the mod edited by me this post

HU - Heavy Body Armor.rar

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I don't think you can increase "health" in a direct "add HP" sort of way. My understanding of this file is the following:

Increasing the UNARMORED factor values will increase the chance of wounding vs killing. HU has it setup so that limb shots (sometimes multiple) will wound a lot more often than kill while the head is basically an instant kill.

The ARMORED factor controls what can penetrate and do damage (higher numbers = more resistance). As far as I'm aware, any rounds that get through will do less damage than if the armor value was less or none. There is NO weakening armor mechanic. If it can't get through, then the armor can take an infinite of those rounds to the chest. Distance also plays a factor AFAIK. Pretty sure I've seen shots that would normally penetrate at close range get stopped at longer ranges.

Keep in mind that all values apply to ALL human characters. There is no differentiating between player and enemy. The armor setting for a particular character is determined in the associated .atr file.

So given that knowledge, your settings make it look like chest shots would hurt nobody due to the armor, head wounds of any kind instantly lethal, otherwise bullet sponges.

Edited by Jack Wachter
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